Finding Your Spirit Animal

This is where I find your spirit animal by looking at your face via web cam or cell phone cam so I can see your spirit animal around you. I also give you three quick and easy meditations to help connect with your spirit animal to find out more about it. And lastly, with any spare time I can take a few questions and tell you the answer based on what your animal messengers are telling me.

$40 for 20 mins

Spirit Animal Reading
Spirit Animal Reading

This is where I answer any questions you may have about your health, work, family, love live, and so one by connecting to the animals around you over the phone or via webcam/ phone cam. This is basically an psychic intuitive reading.  

$50 for 30 mins

Dream Interpretation 

This is where you come to me with a very detailed dream (the more detail the better the messages) and I tell you what they mean. For this service, it is much easier on me if you send me an email with your dream(s) in it instead of talking to me over the phone.   

$15 for 1 dream

Graphic Design

I do logos, business cards, brochures, pamphlets, t-shirts, posters, stickers, layout design, ads in magazines, ads on billboards, and more. I have an Associates degree in Graphic Design and I have dabbled in Web Design. I have about 4 years experience in graphic design as of 2018.  

$40 for 1 hr 
(Base / this is

Contact me to set something up and work out pricing / duration.

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