Finding Your Spirit Animal

This is where I find your Power Animal/Fylgja or "spirit animal" by looking at your face via Zoom so I can see your spirit animal around you. I will explain why that animal is your Spirit Animal, explain how to harness its knowledge and strength, explain the three different types of "Spirit Animals" that are most important to know about, give you two quick and easy meditations to help connect with your spirit animal to find out more about it, and I can find one of your totem animals.

$40 for 30 mins

Spirit Animal Reading
Spirit Animal Reading

This is where I answer any questions you may have about your health, work, family, love live, and so one by connecting to the animals around you via Zoom. This is basically a psychic intuitive reading.  

$50 for 30 mins

Dream Interpretation 

This is where you email me a very detailed dream (the more detail the better the messages) and I tell you what they mean. For this service, it is much easier on me if you send me an email with your dream(s) in it instead of talking to me over the phone.   

$15 for 1 dream