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About the Art and Where to Purchase:

These are all art prints made by Jake Wondra. Each art print is available for sale at a few different websites as a physical piece of art. If you would like a standard art print (sizes vary) on either semi-gloss or metallic finish paper please vist here: Jake's Art Prints

Or to purchase a metal print version of the art work (actually printed on a thin metal sheet instead of paper) please visit here:

Each piece is made either by combining a lot of different stock images to create a completely new image in photoshop, or is drawn by Jake then colored and altered using photoshop and illustrator. Each piece tells a story and weaves in deep symbolic meaning from different cultures and backgrounds from around the world.  Even with the different symbolism woven into each piece, every person is both welcomed and encouraged to pull whatever story or deeper meaning message they resonate with from each work of art.

Custom Spirit Animal Posters

Custom Spirit Animal Posters

Custom Spirit Animal Poster Details:

Purchase includes a 30 minute Find Your Spirit Animal Session” and either a 8x10 inch OR 16x20 inch one of a kind custom physical poster of you and your Spirit Animal.

*** Poster Details***

Jake will work with you either via Zoom or email to design a one-of-a-kind poster of you and your spirit animal. Jake will update you periodically and show you the progress of the poster via Zoom throughout the designing phase to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design. Jake will show you the final design and require your verbal or written permission before he prints and ships the poster to you.

You have as much or as little input in the fin
al design as you want. You have the final say in the design. If you do not have a full idea in mind, Jake can suggest meaningful aspects and colors to add into the design.

***Find Your Spirit Animal Reading Details***

Find You Spirit Animal Reading Includes:

1)  Explaining the difference between spirit animal, power animal, totem animal, and messenger animal and why each type are important to you.

2)  Finding your "spirit animal" or what is called your power animal"

3)  Explain why that specific animal is your spirit animal.

4)  Find one of your Totem animals, and explain why it is currently with you.

5)  A meditation to do at a later time (on your own) to help you connect to your Spirit Animal

6)  A meditation to do at a later time (on your own) to get to know your Spirit Animal.

7) Teach you how to harness your Spirit Animal’s power and use it in every day life.

    Free Shipping within the US.

Disclaimer! - All custom poster designs are owned by Jake. Jake will NOT sell your poster to anyone else or use your name. However, Jake still retains the poster designs for marketing purposes on and off his personal website.  

Instructions: **** After purchase, Jake will contact you (within an hour or two) via email to set up your appointment. Payment is done through PayPal. whatever your PayPal email address is is the email address Jake will contact you through. If you use a different email address, please contact Jake using your preferred email address here: ****

8x10 inch poster: $200

16x20 inch poster: $245

Poster Example

Brenda Lee Nelson 8x10 in_WEBSITE EXAMPLE.jpg
Brenda Lee Nelson Poster Showcase_02.jpg
Brenda Lee Nelson Poster Showcase.jpg
Post Sizes Mock up_SMALL_CROPPED.jpg

Oracle Card Deck

Oracle Deck

About the Deck:

Jake Wondra has collaborated with his mother, Laurie Wondra to create this unique 46-card Oracle deck that can be used to receive messages from the universe. The Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards are beautifully designed cards, with illustrated easy to understand reference book that provides amazing insight, accuracy, and detail to your questions. The spiritual messages represent wisdom from the animal kingdom and that of many God and Goddesses. Together, they bring balanced, clear, directional information to those that use the deck.


  • Laurie Wondra: 
    Gifted Shaman, psychic medium, Laurie Wondra, has known of her abilities to channel Archangels, Ascended Masters, helpers of the Universe and people that have died since she was seven years old. As a former Senior Executive Leader in Technology, Laurie brings real-life experience to her clients. Today she uses her gifts to deliver messages that help bring direction, clarity, and healing. Lives change when you work with Laurie and experience her powerful connection to the divine energies of the Universe. She is the author of four books. She has collaborated her writing with the art of her gifted son Jake Wondra.

  • Jake Wondra:
    Jake Wondra, or Jake “The Bear” Wondra, works with spirit animals, does dream interpretation, intuitive readings, energy healing, and more. Jake also has been gifted since a small child. Combining his background in graphic design/digital art, and his spiritual gifts, Jake has merged his gifts and skills to create the visuals of this unique Oracle deck.

  • What This Means:
    With their combined gifts Laurie and Jake Wondra, have completed a two-year project to create this colorful 46 card oracle deck. The Oracle deck contains 23 Gods and 23 Goddesses each accompanied by an animal spirit.  Four cards are considered warning or shadow cards that are designed with the intent to alert the user of the deck to those times in life you may need advanced knowledge of a situation, or there is a sense of urgency for action. This deck can be used by novice or experts and may be used for a single card message or a spread such as past, present, and future. With the turn of a card, you'll have the connection to information that is important to you. We hope you enjoy this creation as much as we do. 

    $25 (Free Shipping within the US)

Laurie Headshot_12-06-21_WEBSITE_CROPPED.jpg

Laurie Wondra
(The Writer)

Jake Headshot_12-06-21_WEBSITE_CROPPED.jpg

Jake Wondra
(The Artist)

Oracle Card Pile Display_WEBSITE.jpg

Necklaces and Crystals

Necklaces and Crystals

Necklaces and Crystals

I make hand crafted necklaces, pendulums, drumbeaters, and more. Each piece is uniquely made and no two are completely identical. Some of my creations, like the pendulums, may be very similar to one another, but each stone used to carve the pendulum varies slightly. The necklaces will sometimes be similar, like the pendulums, but usually I like to make completely unique necklace designs. I also have an array of different beads, mostly dyed and not dyed buffalo bone beads that come in many different styles, shapes and colors, as well as cut gem beads and wood beads. I do not use glass, ceramic, or plastic beads as I like my necklaces to be more entuned with mother nature.  

I also do custom orders, mainly on necklaces and drumbeaters as I have a much larger pool of resources to use for those items. All pieces I use to craft these items are ethically gathered/harvested from multiple sources around the world (including all animal teeth, bones, claws, feathers, and fur). If you would like a certain item on your necklace or drumbeater that I do not currently have, I will try my best to get it for you. Just please be aware that it will take more time to make the item if I need to order certain pieces. Please contact me if you want a specific custom made item (necklace or drumbeater).

*** Please note that not all animal parts (bones, teeth, claws, feathers, and furs) are legal to use/sell and that certain states within the USA have different legal perimeters around different animals. Any items illegal to use/sell within Minnesota or the state I am shipping to will NOT be used in any commissioned orders. ***


Necklaces_01_Touched Up_CROPPED.jpg
Necklaces_02_Touched Up_CROPPED.jpg
Emerald and Amber Pendulum_SMALL.jpg
Double Rainbow Hematite Skulls_EDITED_SMALL.jpg
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