Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you actually "see" spirit animals?
A: I do not see them with my eyes, I see them with my mind. I basically sense that they are there and can visualize how they are acting or what they are doing.

Q: How can I find my spirit animal?
A: I offer a fair priced service to find your spirit animal. In the very rare occasion that I cannot find it for you, I can give you a meditation for free to try to find it on your own. This method can be tricky however and and may take multiple attempts. If on the extremely rare occasion that you still cannot find your spirit animal let me know and because something in your life if blocking the two of you from connecting and I can help move that energy.

Q: Why can't I just find my spirit animal myself?
A; Through meditation you totally can. However, the meditation process can be rather difficult for some people and after many attempts they still can come up without connecting to their spirit animal. Also, with my service, I find your spirit animal for you, teach you how to connect with it and how to communicate with it, as well as how to imbue your spirit animal into an item that you can cary around with you at all times.

Q: How long have you had your gifts?
A: I could "see" or sense animals around people since I was a child. That ability went away for a little some of my teenage years as I battled depression and social anxiety but ended up coming back stronger then ever around seventeen or eighteen. As for my dream interpretation, I just kind of stumbled into that ability. I always had crazy far out and wild dreams and one morning after waking up from a crazy dream I decided to try to decipher it and found out I was pretty accurate. I started practicing with with others and their dreams and then here we are today.

Q: Did you make all of the images on your website?
A: Yes, I went to school for graphic design and have some years under my belt as an photoshop artist as well.

Q: What is your spirt animal?
A: Mine is a female (momma) grizzly bear named Oshawa.

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