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Jake The Bear Wondra

Spirit Animal Readings, Graphic Design/Art, Jewelry, & More

About Jake


Jake "The Bear" Wondra

Hello, my name is Jake Wondra or Jake “The Bear” Wondra and I work with spirit animals. I help people connect with their spirit animals as well as a few other things like dream interpretation, energy work, intuitive readings. I also make custom art usually in the form of posters, prints, and necklaces. All of which I have been doing in some capacity, for most of my life. As the years have gone by, I have honed my gifts and my craft, constantly learning new things and adding more to both my spiritual tool belt, as well as my artistic tool belt.

I have had the gift of seeing spirit animals since I was a child. I went through a rough patch in my early teen years where I basically shut down my gifts until my late teens / early twenties. Once I got back into my groove, my gifts came racing back, even stronger than before. I started simple by finding people’s “spirit animal”. I started my journey in this art by following the Native American beliefs on spirit animals, or more accurately, power animals. I then started branching off and following the teachings of the old Norse beliefs on spirit animals, specifically what they call “Fylgja”. It is more or less the equivalent of the Native American’s “Power Animal”. I was led down this path by my ancestors and guides because I do not have any Native American heritage and I always felt a little uncomfortable teaching about something outside of my heritage. However, I do have ancestral ties to both Scandinavia and the old Norse cultures. Through meditation, and conversing with my guides, ancestors and beings from other worlds, I learned more up-to-date teachings on spirit animals and how they fit into our lives, through the focal point of my Nordic heritage and using their beliefs as a foundation that I have expanded upon.

I also have a degree in graphic design and have been using my artistic skills and my intuitive gifts to make meaningful and custom art. Just like my intuitive abilities, I have been making art since I was a kid. It wasn’t until later that I swapped mediums and started making digital art using my computer and mouse instead of pen and paper. This led to a collaboration with Laurie Wondra, my mother and mentor who has been a psychic medium, in the public eye for over fifteen years now. We made an oracle deck of cards where I channeled and made the art work using gods, goddesses, and animals and then she wrote up the actual meanings that go in the guide book that comes with the deck, channeled from her guides. Once the deck was published, I was then persuaded to offer a service where I could continue to combine my art with my intuitive gifts alongside of the spirit animal and dream interpretation services.

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Contact Me

If you have any questions about any of my services, products, or would like graphic design/art work done, please feel free to email me at:

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