Hello, my name is Jake Wondra or Jake “Spirit Bear” Wondra. As you can tell by the little quip in my name, I work with spirit animals. I help people connect with their spirit animals as well as a few other things like dream interpretation, energy work, and intuitive readings. All in which I have been doing in some capacity, whether or not I realized it, for most of my life. As the years have gone by, I have honed my gifts and am constantly picking up new gifts, traits, skills and quirks along the way.

Like most kids out of high school, I did not really know what I wanted to do. I attended two out of three trimesters at Dunwoody Technical College in Minnesota only for web design were I spiraled into deep depression. I took half a year off and then went back to Dunwoody under the graphic design program instead where I really, really excelled. I was top of my class and was even given a medal at the end of the program for all the extra time, energy and love I poured back into that school. I even was lined up to be a teacher there after a minimum 3 years in the field. But then things came crashing down again. After college I was too timid, shy and severely over weight with a lot of health problems. No one wanted to hire me. Until I started work for guy who made his own company in the graphic design field. He took me aboard and once again I excelled. More importantly though, he taught me that no matter what your dream is and no matter how crazy it might be, you have to chase it before it gets away from you.

All the while I was going through this stuff I was also expanding my mind’s eye. You see, my mother is also a healer / intuitive reader with years and years of experience. I don’t know if she has realized it yet or not but she has been my mentor in the spiritual arts for years now. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for her amazing patience, determination, and love. I helped her many things and we often threw ideas and philosophical thoughts off of each other. So in a way, I guess I was destined for a life in this kind of service.

So here I am, a graphic designer / intuitive healer. A weird combination but one I would not change for the world.

© 2018 by Jake Wondra